Vast variety of cacti, succulents and cycads

Our Cacti and Succulents Garden & Nursery

SHEILAM NURSERY boasts a vast variety of cacti, succulents and cycads.
The farm has been recognized by authorities as owning one of the finest collections of specimen plants world-wide.

Marvel at the sizes, shapes and colours of the very big and the very small. Get up close to the wonderful world of camouflage, self-defence mechanisms and survival strategies. If one looks closely, the most interesting textures and designs are found.

We offer Guided Tours for groups of minimum 4 people. Please book well in advance!

Echinocactus Ggrusonii

Sheilam Nursery echinocactus-grusonii

Mother-in-law’s chair or Golden barrel cactus.
Specimens of nearly 1 meter tall and 80 cm in diameter are in the collection.
These plants are almost extinct in the wild due to the construction
of a dam (Mexico).
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Cyphostemma Juttae

Sheilam Nursery cyphostemma-sp

Bushman’s grape – this specimen is 3m tall.
The red berry like fruit is very attractive, but toxic (Namibia).

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Agave Victoria-Reginae

Sheilam Nursery agave

These lovely small agaves are from Mexico.
This plant flowers once in its lifetime.


Oreocereus Celcianus

Sheilam Nursery oreocereus-celcianus

With it’s long dense white hairs it is known as the old man of the Andes.
It grows in Bolivia, Peru and Northern Argentina.


Dioscorea Elephantipes

Sheilam Nursery dioscorea-elephantipes

Also known as Elephant’s foot or turtleback plant.
A caudex plant with a heavily armoured storage organ
that resembels a turtleback (RSA).


Neobuxbaumia Polylopha

Sheilam Nursery neobuxbaumia-euphorbioides

or “Cone cactus”. Originates from Mexico.
Can grow up to 13 meters.

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Aloe Dichotoma

Sheilam Nursery aloe-dichotoma

These dichotomously branched trees are from Namaqualand.
The Bushmen made quivers from the stem…hence the name Quivertree.

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Sheilam Nursery tour_map

Minimum groups of 4

Guided Tours of our succulent garden and nursery

Please book well in advance!
School Classes welcome

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10h00 and 13h00
  • Cost R125 per person
  • Minimum pax 4
  • Booking is essential
  • Duration approximately 1.5h
  • Card facility available